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4 easy bathroom updates you’ll be happy you made

4 easy bathroom updates you’ll be happy you made

4 easy bathroom updates you’ll be happy you made
News from ConsumerReports.org:

If you’re undertaking a full bathroom remodel, seriously consider outfitting it with aging-in-place features, even if you don’t need them right now. Because they’re so well-designed, they won’t be conspicuous, and if you—or someone you are selling your house to—need them one day, you’ll be good to go. If you can’t do a remodel, you can still retrofit an existing bathroom with some easy yet meaningful fixes:

Switch showerheads

Handheld showerheads elegantly solve multiple problems. You can keep the showerhead stationary when you want to and still adjust it daily whether a 6-foot-2 adult needs it or a 4-foot-2 child does. Plus you also get the flexibility of a handheld for hard-to-reach places or those times when the family dachshund needs a spray wash.

Use the space you have

If your bathroom isn’t large enough to accommodate a curbless shower, look for a replacement shower enclosure that fits into the tub’s existing footprint and is easy to step into. Choose a color that contrasts with the floor so that the edge is easy to see.

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Remodeling master bath pricey
News from Fort Wayne Journal Gazette:

The charming 1930s-era brick home we bought in Washington eight years ago had exactly what we were looking for: enough space for our small family with room to grow, plus a neighborhood with great schools.

The only problem? The master bathroom.

The minute I saw the gray Formica vanity, the inch-thick gray tiles that lined the walls and the “hammered glass” shower door of our master bathroom, I promised that it would be the first remodeling project on our list.

Instead, it was nearly last. Why?

Sticker shock. As many homeowners quickly learn, gutting and remodeling a master bathroom can be as expensive as remodeling a kitchen.

A Remodeling Magazine report comparing the cost against the value of renovations says a mid-level bathroom remodel this year in Washington costs $ 17,000 for a typical 5-by-7-foot space. Only 74 percent of that can be recouped at resale.

For an upscale bathroom remodel of the same size, there’s less of a return. The average cost is $ 55,000 – yes, really – and one should expect to recover only 64 percent.

For years, my husband and I did the math and balked.

Let’s face it: In most cases, remodeling a bathroom is about aesthetics. If the toilet flushes, the sink isn’t creating water damage and the shower is structurally sound, there are plenty of reasons to keep it as is. (Besides, it’s not as th…………… continues on Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

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