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Rubber ducks invade Midtown Tuesday morning

Rubber ducks invade Midtown Tuesday morning

Rubber ducks invade Midtown Tuesday morning
News from WGCL Atlanta:

Midtown commuters will witness quite a sight on Tuesday morning.

Thousands of rubber ducks will be sitting at the corner of 16th and Peachtree Street to kick off the opening of a new exhibit on bathroom design at the Atlanta Museum of Design.

Volunteers began placing the ducks around 5 a.m.

The ducks will help kick-off the Atlanta Museum of Design’s (MODA) newest exhibit, WaterDream, a group of volunteers and MODA staff are blanketing sections of Midtown Atlanta with the iconic yellow ducks found in bathrooms around the world.

The rubber ducks are free to those who want to take them – MODA is only requesting that they take a photo of their new friend in their home’s bathroom and share on the MODA Facebook page and Twitter feed.

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News from McKnight’s Long Term Care News:

I’ve already written about it being a blessing and a curse to work in long-term care because we know so much about aging and what happens to our bodies as we age. And because I know what is happening, there are just some things I really don’t want to see. OK, so here’s my latest beef.

For years we lived in this great little family community in Maryland. And we had this huge bathroom, Jacuzzi tub, walk in shower, double sinks, sit down vanity, you know, BIG bathroom. (Patience, I AM going somewhere with this.) And this was a community for growing families, not really for older folks. So anyway, one kid moves out, the other goes off to college and we decide to downsize to a new community, but it’s an “active adult 55 and up” community. (I married an older guy all right! Not that I put a sign on the door about that or anything. OK, maybe just a little one.) 

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