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State funds lawn and toilet rebate program, tightens faucet and showerhead …

State funds lawn and toilet rebate program, tightens faucet and showerhead …

State funds lawn and toilet rebate program, tightens faucet and showerhead …
News from OCRegister:

SACRAMENTO – California officials launched two initiatives Wednesday to boost residential water conservation: the nation’s toughest water efficiency standards for shower heads and a $ 30 million rebate program to rip out grass lawns and replace old toilets.

The California Energy Commission voted to require shower heads sold at stores in the state to spray less water than current models following similar moves for toilets, faucets and urinals.

The initiatives came four months after Gov. Jerry Brown ordered sweeping water-saving measures in response to the state’s four-year drought.

Shower heads sold at stores will be limited to spraying 1.8 gallons a minute – the nation’s strictest limit – starting in July 2018.

The initiative will be phased in with a 2-gallons-a-minute standard starting next July, as is already required for all new construction in the state. Retrofitting of existing buildings will not be required.

“These new high-efficiency models have the same feel as old-style showerheads, but without the water waste,” Tracy Quinn, a Natural Resources Defense Council policy analyst, said in a news release.

In addition, the state Department of Water Resources is providing enough funding to offer 60,000 residents a $ 100 rebate to replace an outdated toilet and up to $ 2,000 to replace…………… continues on OCRegister

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News from Midland Daily News:

We are smack dab in the middle of home buying season, and while some properties are off the market before they’re even on it, others haven’t had such luck. A great way to boost your home’s selling power is to make small and affordable updates throughout the home. These quick updates and fixes won’t break the bank or a budget, and they will help make your home more inviting to potential buyers and a potential sale.

Spruce Up the Front Door

The front door is one of the first things potential buyers see when viewing your home. Spruce up the front door by touching up paint (either paint over chipped or fading paint, or change the color completely), adding a kick plate, changing out the hardware, or you can replace the door completely. A new front door can add energy efficiency and additional security if you choose a metal door. Making the front door pop not only adds a special touch to your curb appeal, but potential buyers definitely notice a door that’s been taken care of.

Freshen Up the Kitchen

Kitchens appeal to so many buyers. If you don’t have the budget or time to overhaul your kitchen, don’t panic. If you have nice wood cabinets and don’t have the budget to update them, consider adding a coat of paint to freshen them…………… continues on Midland Daily News

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